Weeds in the Heart
  • Weeds in the Heart

Weeds in the Heart

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Beautifully & illuminated gilded work. This is a unique and unusual herbal - a labour of love by herbalist Nathaniel Hughes and artist Fiona Owen. It is not a book of cures, it is a book of doorways. Through rich storytelling, first hand accounts of plant-meetings and tales of healing, the consciousness that can emerge within these plant-human relationships reveals itself. Artist and herbalist have worked closely together over three years, patiently letting the character of each plant express itself through Fiona's illuminations and Nathaniel's words. Our hope is to share our experiences and in so doing, encourage you to dive into your own. We don't dress up opinion as fact, rather we celebrate the rich diversity of subjective experience and encourage this. We believe direct relationship with the plants is the best way to develop herbal wisdom. Each of us perceives the plant through our own, conditioned filters - none are true, all are valuable.

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