Birch, Black : Betula lenta L.

Birch, Black: Betula lenta L.

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Birch, Black: Betula lenta L.

Latin Name: Betula Lenta L.

Source: North America

Part of plant : Bark

Aroma Character: Camphorous, sweet.

Birch, Black Properties: Diuretic, supports passage of uric acid and chloridene; blood purifier, against rheumatism; heals wounds and growths.

Birch, Black Indications: Gout, uremia, inadequate urine output, kidney inflammation, edema; rheumatism, arthritis; skin rashes, abscesses, psoriasis.

Birch, Black Main Components: Methyl salizyate.

Birch, Black Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal dosages.

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