Birch, Sweet Essential Oil (Betula lenta)

Birch, Sweet Essential Oil (Betula lenta)

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Birch, Sweet Essential Oil

Latin Name: Betula lenta

Source: Canada

Part of plant: Bark

Grade: Wild

Chemical Components: methyl salicylate,

Aroma Character: Sweet, Oily

We want to keep you safe!  This oil is a restricted oil.  Only qualified therapists, perfumers, pharmacists should purchase this oil.  Please call our Sales Team on +44 (0)1458 831216

Birch, Sweet is a graceful tree which stands at about 25 metres high, and has a pyramidal shape while young. It has bright green leaves and a dark reddish-brown aromatic bark, which is broken into plates or patches. The essential oil is made by steam distillation of the bark. A floral water is a also made.

Birch, Sweet is colourless, pale yellow or reddish tinted liquid with an intense, sweet, woody, wintergreen-like scent.  You will recognise the smell as  reminiscent of many pharmacy style products to treat muscular and back pain.  It increases local blood supply and is used for medicinal aromatic baths. It can also be used for headaches and toothaches.

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