Bee & Honey Bath Milk

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Now here comes one of Fragrant Earths favourite items the famous Bee & Honey Bath Milk which combines Mineral salts with Milk and proteins from both cows and goats, then we have the healing Propolis and Pollen which when added to a bath under running water gives a super softening and purifying, cleansing action all in one with AHA's present for those dry cracked heels.  Here's a tip:- try as a footbath!

Goat milk Is not too alkaline or acidic so it is a good ingredient for dry skin formulas. Contains lactose acid and also contributes to a gentle low to neutral pH.
Parfum A generic word which under EU law is required to identify any product which is used to supply fragrance or aroma to a cosmetic. Parfum can be natural or synthetic or a blend of essential oils. Sometime those products and manufacturers who want to seem ultra-natural dodge this word and try to list individual components, such as essential oils. However, if added for fragrance they should legally be called parfum. If added for aromatherapy or medicinal reasons then this comes under different legalisation, such as the medicines act.
Propolis extract Created by harvesting the resinous mixture that honeybees collect from tree bark, sap and flowers. Bees seal their hives with this mixture of resins containing essential oils to preserve and protect the colony. The extract is a natural antioxidant, it naturally helps restore and maintain skin structure, it is certainly anti-bacterial and helps retain moisture.
Sodium benzoate Sodium benzoate is a salt derived from benzoic acid and is used as a preservative in foods and cosmetics. Though benzoic acid is a more effective preservative, it isn’t very soluble in cold water compared to sodium benzoate which dissolves easily in water. As with any preservative, there are concerns but benzoic acid itself is found naturally in many foods. Topical application is not the same as ingestion and this must be remembered when considering information.
Sodium chloride Common salt sometimes used a thicker or particles in scrubs. Minerals salt from different salt mines and the sea will have additional and salt soluble contents with different activity. Table salt is refined pure sodium chloride.

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