Intensive Therapy Hand Cream – Elegant Flower

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Intensive Therapy Hand Cream – Elegant Flower - 70ml

Soothing and nourishing for dry, irritated, and tired hands. It leaves your skin moisturised and silky smooth. It consists 98 % natural ingredients.

Appropriate for vegans.

Intensive Therapy hand cream contains 15% of shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil, vitamin E, D-panthenol and moisturizing ingredient which makes skin younger and protect it from free radicals. Shea protects skin from cold, wind, and frost. Abundance of oils assures comfort, proper protection, and nourishing for hands. D-Panthenol penetrates skin and upper layer of nails, retains moisture, and intensifies skin metabolism stimulating its revival.

Application method:

Apply appropriate amount on clean hands, rub until absorbed.

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