Grapefruit, Red Essential Oil (Citrus x paradisi)

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Grapefruit, Red Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Citrus x paradisi

Source: Cyprus

Part of plant: Zest

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: limonene, α & β-pinene, bergapten, myrcene, sabinene,

Aroma Character: bright, fresh, sharp

We want to keep you safe! This oil is phototoxic, please refer to the IFRA Guidelines, the maximum concentration of usage is 4%.

Grapefruit is a big tree with glossy leaves and large fruits. The essential oil is expressed from the peel of the ripe fruit.

Grapefruit has clean, fresh, light sharp top notes with slightly sweet, citrus undertones.

Psychologically, Grapefruit is refreshing and reviving, helping to alleviate stress, depression, nervous exhaustion and tension.

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