Green Tea Natural Soap

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Green Tea Natural Soap

Green tea contains active substances, which smoothen complexion. The tea has a comforting effect; it can be used on any skin irritations.

Green tea has a beneficial influence on good looks, gives a comfortable frame of mind. The scent of green tea is associated with exotic trips.

Camellia sinensis The legendry camellia oil of japan, rich in oleic acid and vitamins. Almost an identical match for the skin, letting it absorb quickly, contains natural anti-oxidants. Geisha girls use the oil to remove stage makeup and nourish the skin.
CI 19140 A lemon yellow food colorant also known as E102.
CI 42090 A food colorant with an E number E133; it is a blue colour.
Glycerin More properly known as glycerol. It is the natural molecular backbone to all lipids or oils and fats. It is used as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication or slippage and as a humectant, meaning it holds water so acting as a moisturiser. Natures Children only use vegetable glycerine not the form obtained from animal fat or synthetics.
Palm acid A generalised term for the mixture of fatty acids derived from palm oil.
Palm kernel acid A mixture of fatty acids derived from palm kernel oil used as a cleansing agent, emulsifier and to add opacity to soap and cosmetics.
PPG-5 Ceteth-20 An emollient lubricating surfactant that creates a dry silky feeling on the skin and is used in luxury beauty soaps.
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil Almond oil is safe and effect light oil used for massage as an emollient and skin-soothing agent.
Sodium chloride Common salt sometimes used a thicker or particles in scrubs. Minerals salt from different salt mines and the sea will have additional and salt soluble contents with different activity. Table salt is refined pure sodium chloride.
Sodium palm kernelate A soap ingredient which is the salt of the fatty acids from the palm kernel it is used as a moisturising surfactant or cleansing agent.
Sodium palmitate/sodium palmate Palm oil is the most commonly used species when making vegetable based soaps and detergents. Palm oil is combined with an alkali which makes soap. The process produces glycerin and the alkali salts of the fatty acids present. Sodium palmitate is the salt (hence the “sodium” part of its name) formed by breaking down palm oil (the “palmitate” part).
Tetrasodium EDTA A water softener and preservative it reduces soap scum and improves lather and foaming action.
Tetrasodium etidronate Please see Tetrasodium EDTA

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