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Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal - Mood Indigo 006 - 3g

Get dramatic with our new range of Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajals which are sure to get you inspired with your eye make up. These Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajals are an essential piece of your make up box as they can be used as a cream eyeshadow aswell as a kajal.

The Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal in Mood Indigo is a medium blue with smokey tint perfect for a dramatic night look or blend it for a more subtle day look.

Get back in touch with nature with Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajals which are traditionally made by blending black carbon from vegetable oil lamps, organic ghee, organic almond oil and natural mineral colours to give a long lasting effect.

No Parabens or Lead
Yes Certified natural by BDIH
Yes 100% Natural

How To Use:
Before applying the kajal wash your face and eyes thoroughly. Gently pull down the lower eye lid and line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your lid. To line the upper eye lid close your eye and line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the lid.

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