Anniversary Luxury Soap Collection
  • Anniversary Luxury Soap Collection

Anniversary Luxury Soap Collection

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Luxury beautifully packaged moisturising soaps with shea butter.

Ideal as a beauty soap for hand care or a great gift with a traditional use of scenting linen and lingerie drawers.

- Vegan Friendly


-Plastic-free & fully recyclable packaging.

Autumn Fruits- A warm deep fruity perfume with notes of orange, pineapple and rhubarb.

Blubell & Rosemary- A meadow fresh fragrance with notes of bluebells, jasmine flowers and green grass scent throughout.

Cinnamon & Orange- A soap bursting with the aromas of citrus fruits and spices.

English Lavender- A aromatic perfume with calming notes of lavender and rosemary.

Fig & Grape- A fruity fragrance of fig and grape, with a oriental blend of musk, sandalwood and dreid amber.

Gardeners- Generously perfumed with the enlivening scent of pink grapefruit and peach. ( Contains Ground Walnut Shell)

Green Tea- A delicate green tea fragrance with a subtle floral perfume and a hint of mint.

Honey & Camomile- Perfumed with decadent notes of musk and vanilla with smooth honey and light fresh camomile.

Indian Sandalwood- A warm and deep musk fragrance of Indian sandalwood.

Jasmine & Wild Strawberry- A delicate fragrance with flowering jasmine and musk, with elegant notes of wild strawberries, orange fowers and kiwi.

Lily of the Valley- Enchanting perfume with floral top notes of sweet jasmine on a bed of honeysuckle and magnolia.

Ocean Seaweed- A luxurious and deep frgarance that will remind you of a fresh North Sea Breeze on a cold windswept day.

Olive Oil- A rich musk and olive fragrance, inspired by the olive groves from Adriatic coast.

Orange Blossom- Bursting with mandarin and vanilla fragrance with a layer of green woods and amber.

Rose & Peony- A fresh perfume of sweet roses and freshly cut grass with top notes that are bursting with peonies, violets, freesias and raspberry.

Sicilian Lemon and Sweet Orange- Perfumed with zesty lemon, fresh floral rose petal notes with a base of dry amber, sweet orange and musk.

Tropical Coconut- This sweet scent captures the essence of the Caribbean in it's tropical escape of coconut.

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