Magnolia Essential Oil (Michelia x alba)

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Magnolia Essential Oil

Latin Name: Michelia x alba

Source: China

Part of plant: Flower

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: linalool, β-caryophyllene,  

Aroma Character: buttery/oily with a sharp, slightly camphoraceous undertone

Blends Well with: Neroli, Rose, Jasmine

An extremely delicate, sweet fragrance reminiscent of rose, violet and orange flowers. Wonderful for perfumes, soaps and candles. This complex aromatic is initially buttery/oily with a sharp, slightly camphoraceous undertone. It also has hints of berry.

Magnolia is a powerful influencer; this is a wonderful aspect, as a little goes a long way, making this an economical ingredient.

Magnolia's sweetness adds a sensuousness and grounding to Neroli and also might be used to add a deeper, more full-bodied effect to Petitgrain. Magnolia calms the nerves and stimulate awareness.

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