Revitalizing Shower Gel - Orange & Curcuma

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Revitalizing Shower Gel - Orange & Curcuma

Revitalization - restore to life.

Orange oil is extracted from the sweet orange fruit skin. Its sweet fruity aroma relaxes and makes you feel good. It soothes depression, nervous tensions and stress. It is also good for sleep
problems. When applied to the skin, orange oil has disinfecting properties. It is recommended for grey, mixed and greasy skin as well as for cellulites.

Curcuma is powdered root of turmeric – a plant of the ginger family that is native to Asia. Its intensely yellow pigment is called curcumin. This popular spice can be used to treat many
ailments. It has long been valued for its therapeutic properties, particularly in dermatology. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects it is recommended to use curcumin to treat acne, seborrhea, psoriasis, and chronic bacterial skin disease.

Cocamidopropyl betaine Also known as Coco-betaine it is used as a cleansing agent and promotes lathering and foaming. As its name suggests it is partly derived from coconuts but should still be viewed as a synthetic wash active.
Sodium lauroyl glutamate This is a mild amino acid based surfactant derived from natural and renewable resources. Created from coconut oil and glutamic acid, this gentle cleanser has excellent cleansing and foaming properties, is environmentally-friendly and well-tolerated by sensitive skin types.

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