Is your skin tired, your eyes weary or you're fatigued from computer use?  The ReviSun Range maybe the answer.  It contains the precious jewel Amber.

Amber is given the name the Gold of the North.  The Slavic and Baltic peoples saw Amber as trapped sunshine especially as it warms to the touch.  It has electrical properties and a negative charge.

Polish Amber considered to be the best in the world is the key ingredient in the ReviSun Range.  Amber has natural antioxidant actions which speeds up regeneration.  It is reinforced with Certified Organic materials such as Vitamin E and rich Argan Oil plus the beautifying properties of regenerative Avocado Oil.

ReviSun combines the best of new research and adds cultured sea born marine plankton exopolysaccharides specifically designed to fill wrinkled areas and have a quickly visible tightening effect.  Both ReviSun Day and Night cream feature this revolutionary anti-ageing ingredient.

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Amber Soap

Amber Soap

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