Warming Massage Oil

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Warming Massage Oil

Effective in cold environments.

The contained mixture of essential ils of ginger and black pepper helps to keep the muscles and joints warm.  Mustard vegetable oil synergistically supports the warming effect.  The oil is to be used in a cold environment in the temperature range between -5 °c to +10 °c.  In cold weather it can be used for an emergency massage instead of the body and massage oil for muscle stimulation.

Certified organic.  No perservatives, no synthetics.


Benzyl alcohol A solvent and preservative and topical antiseptic. It is a constituent of jasmine, hyacinth and many other plants.
Benzyl benzoate It is on a list produced by the World Health Organisation as a medicine. It is an aromatic ester of natural benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid and it occurs in a number of flowers. It has uses an insect repellent and also to reduce the symptoms of asthma. It is also used as a natural preservative.
Benzyl salicylate This is a fragrance additive with a mild odour slightly balsamic or floral. It is a fixative for perfumes.
Brassica alba seed oil White mustard oil which is the milder form of the mustard. It has astringent and stimulating properties and is well known as a traditional anti-rheumatic and tonic.
Cananga odorata flower oil This oil is used a lot in aromatherapy because of its sweet floral aroma. It has relaxant and sedative effects.
Citral The older name for citral is lemonal which gives the clue that it is a natural constituent of lemon peel oil. It occurs in the volatile or essential oils of lemongrass, lemon, orange, lime, and pimento and others. It is one of the main characteristic flavours in the citrus family, alongside limonene, and similarly a few people become irritated by it, so in isolation it is considered an allergen.
Cymbopogon flexuosus herb oil Lemongrass is used a lot in Thai cooking due to its fresh lemony sharp taste. In skincare it is used as a tonic and for its anti-bacterial properties.
Farnesol Farnesol is a naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as jasmine, ylang-ylang oil, rose and neroli. It has a gentle odour reminiscent of violets and is wonderful for creating a sweet, floral perfume. In Europe, farnesol is included on the list of “allergenic” substances.
Geraniol It is the primary natural constituent of rose, palmarosa and citronella essential oils, providing their characteristic smell. It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon and many other essential oils. As smell and taste are closely related, geraniol is used in flavours such as peach, raspberry, grapefruit, red apple, plum, lime, orange, lemon, watermelon, pineapple and blueberry. It is listed as an allergen for people sensitive to it.
Helianthus annuus seed oil This is sunflower oil, best known for its high beta-carotene content, a fat-soluble compound found in a various vegetables and fruits. The material has many antioxidant properties which are greatly beneficial for human health, especially skin care. The essential fatty acids contained in sunflower can prevent skin problems including sunburn and dermatitis, acne issues and this natural oil creates a protective layer to prevent contact with bacteria.
Isoeugenol A natural component of essential oils such as ylang ylang.
Limonene Limonene is a natural constituent of essential oils with a sweet lemon-like odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils, such as lime, lemongrass, neroli, grapefruit, tangerine, oakmoss, olibanum, peppermint, rose, sage and fennel. It is one of those many natural ingredients that is listed as an allergen, despite being commonly found in many foods and fruits.
Linalool Linalool is a natural substance with a soft, sweet odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils, such as ho wood oil, tangerine, spearmint, rose, neroli, mandarin, lemon, lime, lavender etc – it is very common. A small number of people have allergic responses to specific fragrance materials, such as linalool, so this name is found on lists of allergens.
Piper nigrum fruit oil The black pepper essential oil with the sharp aroma. Its properties include relief from localised muscular pain and muscle spasms. It is a warming oil increasing local blood supply.
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil Almond oil is safe and effect light oil used for massage as an emollient and skin-soothing agent.
Retinyl palmitate The ester of vitamin A combined with palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid and a major component of palm oil. Vitamin A alone is retinol and must not be confused with retinyl palmitate. Retinyl palmitate is considered a less irritating form of retinol, and a gentler ingredient on sensitive skin or sensitive areas. Its bactericidal properties relieve itching, congestion and swellings. Retinyl palmitate converts into retinol (or vitamin A), which in turn is converted into retinoic acid by specialised enzymes in the body. Retinoic acid facilitates communication between cells, encouraging aging cells to continue their renewal process allowing skin to maintain its youthful appearance.
Santalum album oil Sandalwood essential oil with a rich warm woody aroma has had along use in traditional medicine, it is widely used in skincare being suited to all skin types but especially useful for dry, cracked skin and for rashes and acne.
Tocopheryl acetate A form of vitamin E, a natural skin-conditioning agent and antioxidant. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be isolated from vegetable oils. Whilst it can be synthesised, Natures Children uses the natural form to protect its products and oils from oxidation or going rancid.
Vetiveria zizanoides root oil Vetiver has a thick woody dark aroma. In aromatherapy it is used to address burn out and exhaustion amongst other things. It is considered a grounding oil.
Zingiber officinalis Ginger root applied to the skin lightens age spots and gives luminescence. A free-radical scavenger which protects from crosslinking and a ‘leather skin’ look, also protects from environmental and pollution damage.

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