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“You say you want the very best Aromatics, Extracts and Perfumes born from nature. So partner with Fragrant Earth and join a world community using and supporting the best in nature”

Fragrant Earth is a long established company, always aiming to meet the needs of therapists, practitioners and consumers worldwide.  Established by practitioners 30 years ago, and now a major force worldwide in aromatic products, cosmetics and toiletries, Fragrant Earth is a name associated with quality and value.

Fragrant Earth are naturopathic in their approach and philosophy. Chemical analysis, quality control and standards are a vital part of our approach but principally we recognise the primary importance of the plant itself. Careful attention is given to monitoring the plant at all stages of growth, production, distillation or extraction and storage. We attempt to work with the vital energies of plant material giving you all that nature intended, as near to nature as is practical with optimal results.

Sustainability through organic growing methods and wild harvesting a collection has always been at the heart of the materials produced and sold by Fragrant Earth.  There is a significant difference between artisan, quality essential oils and other materials than those produced by the highly industrialised essential oil and vegetable oil producers.

The plethora of essential oils for sale on the Internet despite all the claims will often derive from industrial processes.  The Fragrant Earth label guarantees the unique qualities needed for aromatherapy, medical aromatics and couturier perfumery. So Fragrant Earth are a company with a great reputation, a strong bias to ecological, sound principles and very ethical in its trading relations.

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