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Fine Nasal Oil 20ml - Colds, sniffles, snuffles and sore noses make for an unhappy child. The natural solution can be using our Fine Nasal Oil. It cares for the nasal area during colds, sniffles and snuffles, it eases congested airways. To relieve congested airways gently massage into the skin around the nose and into the outer nostrils area. Can be used for face massage. Miserable problems relieved with the power of essential oils from stimulating pine, clearing tea tree and soothing lavender.

Abies alba cone oil Essential oil, steam distilled with a beautiful crisp, dry, coniferous aroma with earthy undertones. In Aromatherapy used for arthritis, muscle pain, rheumatism, and acute bronchial conditions.
Chamomilla recutita flower extract German Blue Chamomile also known as scented mayweed, a common wild flower, contains a valuable essential oil. This herb promotes healing for skin conditions, burns, rashes, joint pain, inflammation; the essential oil has a warm sweet, full bodied aroma. The essential oil has a deep blue colour from chamazulene a well-known anti-inflammatory.
Eucalyptus radiata leaf oil Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is cooling, refreshing and energizing. Lighter in smell than other eucalyptus types, it has many of the same supportive properties. Because it is relatively gentle and non-irritating, it is the preferred choice for children. Both orthodox and alternative medicine have recognized the many influential compounds of eucalyptus, making it a key ingredient in cough and throat medicines, as well as chest ointments.
Geraniol It is the primary natural constituent of rose, palmarosa and citronella essential oils, providing their characteristic smell. It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon and many other essential oils. As smell and taste are closely related, geraniol is used in flavours such as peach, raspberry, grapefruit, red apple, plum, lime, orange, lemon, watermelon, pineapple and blueberry. It is listed as an allergen for people sensitive to it.
Helianthus annuus seed oil This is sunflower oil, best known for its high beta-carotene content, a fat-soluble compound found in a various vegetables and fruits. The material has many antioxidant properties which are greatly beneficial for human health, especially skin care. The essential fatty acids contained in sunflower can prevent skin problems including sunburn and dermatitis, acne issues and this natural oil creates a protective layer to prevent contact with bacteria.
Hypericum perforatum flower extract This plant flowers at midsummer or solstice time so is called St John’s Wort. Wort in Old English means a healing herb. History has long told the tale of the various medicinal uses of St John’s Wort. Tannins, astringent by nature, are responsible for St John’s Wort wound healing ability as these compounds dry and tighten or bind the skin. They are especially beneficial for burn, abrasion or wound healing and reducing inflammation and irritated skin.
Lavandula angustifolia oil Loved for its fragrance and flower colour, lavender was a favourite oil for the Roman bath house. In fact the Latin origin of the name lavender means to wash! A favourite essential oil in Aromatherapy due to its many uses. Natures Children uses it primarily for its fragrance and anti-inflammatory or antiseptic properties.
Limonene Limonene is a natural constituent of essential oils with a sweet lemon-like odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils, such as lime, lemongrass, neroli, grapefruit, tangerine, oakmoss, olibanum, peppermint, rose, sage and fennel. It is one of those many natural ingredients that is listed as an allergen, despite being commonly found in many foods and fruits.
Linalool Linalool is a natural substance with a soft, sweet odour. It occurs naturally in many essential oils, such as ho wood oil, tangerine, spearmint, rose, neroli, mandarin, lemon, lime, lavender etc – it is very common. A small number of people have allergic responses to specific fragrance materials, such as linalool, so this name is found on lists of allergens.
Melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil Known commonly as niaouli, this essential oil is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, thus a valuable addition to treatments for the skin and gums. It is related to the well-known tea tree but is reputed to be an immune booster. It has a strong spicy smell, very balsamic with a note like camphor.
Retinyl palmitate The ester of vitamin A combined with palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid and a major component of palm oil. Vitamin A alone is retinol and must not be confused with retinyl palmitate. Retinyl palmitate is considered a less irritating form of retinol, and a gentler ingredient on sensitive skin or sensitive areas. Its bactericidal properties relieve itching, congestion and swellings. Retinyl palmitate converts into retinol (or vitamin A), which in turn is converted into retinoic acid by specialised enzymes in the body. Retinoic acid facilitates communication between cells, encouraging aging cells to continue their renewal process allowing skin to maintain its youthful appearance.
Tocopheryl acetate A form of vitamin E, a natural skin-conditioning agent and antioxidant. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be isolated from vegetable oils. Whilst it can be synthesised, Natures Children uses the natural form to protect its products and oils from oxidation or going rancid.
Zea mays germ oil Corn germ oil is a rich oil with a high vitamin E content and is obtained from the embryo or kernel of the corn grain. The benefits of this oil include helping with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema and is very helpful for dry skin.

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