Rose, Damascus

Rose, Damascus: Rosa damascaena Miller, Rosa centifolia L.

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Rose, Damascus: Essential Oil

Latin Name: Rosa damascaena Miller, Rosa centifolia L.

Source: Turkey/Bulgaria

Part of plant: Petals

Grade: Natural

Aroma Character: Rich floral, spicy-green undertone

Blends Well with: Geranium, Clove, Patchouli.

Rose, Damascus Properties: Toning for heart, stomach, liver and uterus; strengthening, astringent, expectorant; slight laxative; promotes wound healing and scar formation; hemostatic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory; antiviral and antibacterial; sedative, strengthens nerves; aphrodisiac.

Rose, Damascus Indications: Chronic bronchitis and angina, tuberculosis, asthma; nervousness, sexual asthenia, frigidity, impotence; exhaustion; atony; skinailments, wounds, inflammation processes, atonic ulcers; sprains, strains; little ruptured arteries, facial wrinkles, skin care; aphtha, gum inflammation.

Rose, Damascus Main Components: Phenylethyl alcohol, geraniol, citronellal, nerol, rhodinol.

Rose, Damascus Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal discharge.

Rose, Damascus: has often been described as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ and many aromatherapists believe there is no finer essential oil. It is extracted from the fresh flowers and during the process the temperature must be carefully controlled so as not to damage the delicate aroma of the resulting essential oil.

Rose is a tender, uplifting and soothing oil. It not only helps fight depression grief and anger, but it is also a tonic for the heart and digestive system.

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