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It was in April of 1954 when the master chocolatier, Francesc Agrás, embarked on a long journey through the best patisseries and confectioneries in Europe.,His passion for excellence in artisan confectionery was the seed that led to the founding of one of the most world renowned Catalan chocolate factories: Bombons Blanxart. This is the world of the real chocolate connoisseur and the cognoscenti of the chocolate world. The place to indulge and learn to explore taste and luxury. Fragrant Earth is all about speciality and quality hence we offer this wonderful chocolate experience from Blanxart.

Here is excellence in artisan chocolate.  Such requires a special knowledge of the product, patience, priority in the quality and willingness to offer the gourmet the best cocoa. On this page you will find only single-origin cocoa for an outstanding quality chocolate bar using the wisdom of small producers and cooperatives awarded with the internationally recognized ecological emblems and fully organic.

Chocolate meticulous and perfect, the selection of cocoa from diverse origins for the most demanding palates.

100% from Peru  Organic and vegan cocoa paste made from organic cocoa from the Peru highlands. With nuanced taste of wood, licorice, coffee and lime.

95% from Guayaquil  A vegan Dark chocolate made with 95% Criollo cocoa from Guayaquil. Distinctive cacao and spicy notes. This is a very high quality cocoa bean and is very aromatic and lacks bitterness. The Criollo is used in luxury chocolate but rarely alone since it is very scarce and expensive. Becoming less and less available.

91% from Congo  Premium origin Organic dark chocolate made with 91% Forastero cocoa with fruity and tangy notes of red and orange citrus fruits. Forastero in this chocolate comes from the close by area of the Mountains of the Moon.

85% from Nicaragua  Organic dark chocolate made with 85% Criollo and Trinitario cocoa from Nicaragua tasting with notes of lemon, orange, flowers and nuts. Trinitario  beans came into existence following the near-destruction of Trinidad's criollo plantations by a hurricane in 1727. Forastero seeds were brought from Venezuela and cross-fertilised with the native criollo beans resulting in the trinitario.

82% from Congo  Premium origin Organic dark chocolate made with a lower percentage of solids from Forastero cocoa with fruity and tangy notes of red and orange citrus. A reduction in cocoa solids gives a creamier texture and bite.

77% from Peru  Organic black chocolate elaborated with Criollo beans from Peru with their typical notes of wood, licorice, cafe and lime but with a more luscious texture from the cocoa butter and vanilla.

72% from Dominica Organic dark chocolate with almonds made with 72% cocoa from the Dominican Republic with  that extra creamy texture of cocoa butter and vanilla and the crunchy full flavour almonds.

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