Eucalyptus Chest Balm
  • Eucalyptus Chest Balm

Eucalyptus Chest Balm

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Colds, coughs and congestion can be eased with this Eucalyptus Chest Balm. Encourages a healthy immune system and brings relief to the symptoms of cold, runny sore noses and associated coughs and congestion. Organic eucalyptus, the Radiata type, is one of the most effective oils used in easing acute respiratory infections according to aromatherapy usage. It makes a good expectorant promoting good clear breathing. Other essential oils present effectively relieve stuffy sinuses and fatigue. The active blend is combined with sesame oil and organic shea butter to make a long lasting no greasy and moisturising balm. Rub the balm into the chest and back at least twice a day as needed. This balm can be rubbed gently into the feet at bedtime for overnight relief.

Product: Eucalyptus Chest Balm
Size 50ml

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