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Organic Teas & Infusions from Clipper

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Black teas, green teas and Herbal Infusions all with Organic and Fairtrade status. Organic grown plants are good for the planet and for the wellbeing of consumers. Clipper blends for taste too so try some of the teas that maybe new to you like White tea.

Organic Pure Green tea a light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, tastes as good as it looks in the cup. 50 tea bags.

Organic Assam bright and full-bodied tea with a distinctive malty character. 50 tea bags.

Organic Earl Grey reflects a light, refreshing tea with the delicious and distinctive citrus zing of Bergamot. 50 tea bags.

After Dinner Mint Organic Infusion the cool, menthol taste of peppermint combines superbly with the natural sweetness of spearmint and the subtle, spicy body of fennel and ginger – to provide a truly delicious and refreshing organic infusion. 20 tea bags.

Organic Peppermint A light, distinctive and highly refreshing infusion with a crisp, clean and cool taste. Naturally caffeine-free. 20 tea bags

Organic White tea has a very refined, subtle, but deliciously rounded flavour. It is traditionally from China, as symbolised by the lovely dragon on our packs. Young leaf buds are gently oxidised to create a clean and healthy cup that’s a powerful source of natural antioxidants. 20 tea bags.

Organic Green Tea & Lemon A light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lemony citrus zing. 20 tea bags.

Organic Detox Infusion A delicious, and refreshing infusion with hibiscus, liquorice root, nettle & aloe vera. Naturally caffeine free. 20 tea bags

Organic Chamomile Infusion delicate, distinctive infusion with a mellow floral character and sunny golden colour. Naturally caffeine-free. Useful for the waterworks and inflammation. 20 tea bags.

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