Herbal Teas & Traditional Favourites
  • Herbal Teas and Traditional Favourites

Herbal Teas and Traditional Favourites

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Each box of 15 kites are all packed in plastic free kite or pyramid shaped bags for ease of use for steeping and brewing. Flavoured teas have bee a long term favourite of the British. Best without nmilk and sugar but hey whatever suits your ways.

English Breakfast  is delightfully bright and full of flavour, this is the perfect start to your day. A classic, everyday English breakfast tea, made using the finest Assam and Kenya tea leaves – You can’t go wrong!

Earl Grey and Cornflower a traditional black tea flavoured with oil of bergamot and blended with cornflowers. This light tea has a delicate citrus aroma and a strong, fragrant taste.

Rooibos, Baobab & Chai this is an exotic, spicy and warming, this brew has a slight citric flavour, thanks to the Baobab and the orange and lemon peel in the chai. The rooibos (also known as Redbush) adds a rich, earthy and almost nutty flavour, while the spices in the chai add a warming, aromatic finish.

Bery Berry this tea has a strong flavour of juicy berries. It is the perfect balance of sharp fruits and sweet berries and will leave you feeling energised. Miles Berry Berry blend is delicious enjoyed hot or as a cold brew topped with soda or lemonade for a refreshing, zingy mocktail. Caffeine free.

Ginger & Lemongrass comforting and warming, this tea has an aromatic, zingy, citric flavour. Prepare to feel fully refreshed.

Lavender Lime & Rose is a light herbal tea naturally sweet with a delicate floral flavour and subtle earthy notes. Aromatic and soothing, it makes for a delicious healthy drink.This floral blend is sure to make you feel calm and relaxed; drink this tea before bed and it’ll help you to drift off into a restful sleep.

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