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    Handmade Candles by Melt 
    With a passion for hot wax & fine fragranced luxury scented candles (the exquisite perfumes that you would choose to wear yourself & that we love to blend for you to use in your home), we have been hand-pouring our scented candles in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley since 1999. Each candle takes up to 36 hours to produce – resulting in a unique & beautifully fragranced candle - an ideal relaxing accessory for your home.

      Fragrance is rightly known for turning your mood & creating the right ambience for your surroundings & our preferred choice is always elegant, sophisticated, a tad refined, confident & slightly sexy. They come in 3 sizes and in a beautiful box.

      - Tall and Thin - £20.50

      - Short and Round - £25.50

      - Tall and Round - £41.50

           - Angel - Rich, Round, Musky & Slightly Chocolately! " When you light a candle the angels always gather."

          - Recherche - Very complex on the nose. Fine dry woods, soft leather & aldehydic florals. "Good things take time..."

          - Autumn - The ultimate Autumn / Winter fragrance. " Turning leaves, roasting chestnuts, bobbing for apples and bonfires."

          - Christmas - Spicy and warm. "Children's laughter, Flushed Cheeks, Stockings on bedposts, A flash of red... He's Here.."

          - Blush -  A 'comfort' fragrance - soft & snuggly! " In the blush of the evenings light and the spirit melts in tenderest dreams

          - Forest - Pure scots fir -" A hushed silence, a stillness, twigs softly snapping underfoot, frosty breath, snow laden branches.

          - Eden - Gorgeous! Cut grass & creamy fig! " Everything is in place- there for you. All that you need, unfolding befor you.. you are in Eden."

          - Verbena and Clary Sage - Beautifully complex yet stunningly easy on the nose! "Happy... HAPPY...Happy!"

          - Dance - A heady floral. "Life- when you get the choice to sit it out, or dance - I hope you dance."

          - More - Rose, rose and more rose... "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep: the more I give to thee the more I have."

          - Saddle - Spicy, rich, smooth & very masculine. " As the wind swept over the saddle, it caught its richness and warmth."
          - Cashmere - "By the way... I'm wearing the smile you gave me.

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