• NEWS !! Fragrant Earth On The High Street.

NEWS !! Fragrant Earth On The High Street.

As you look up the High Street in Glastonbury. You cannot miss the brand new Fragrant Earth Retail Store! For years people said why haven’t you got a shop?

Where is your shop and so on?  We always wanted a store but never felt we could justify having something that would really reflect all that we did, what we believed in and of course make a sound business. Our founder Jan Kuśmirek had a lot of experience of start-up retailing through his founding Origins (now an Estee Lauder brand) and the famous Elemis brand. In both cases he learned that key phrase Location, Location, Location!

So we had to wait here in Glastonbury for the right store to come up and it has! It’s fabulous! On the sunny side of the street its white and yellow house colours make a bright statement about being different.

Shirley our MD had long wanted a store and with the team came up with a very different concept with a unique environment. So LED washed bare plaster walls, chalk white high class crate display system, wooden floors leading to the Ladies of the Lake fragrance experience.

The store we describe as a slow shopping experience and we encourage people to read all the many story boards displayed around the walls and on shelf. We still believe in helping the consumer understand the differences in quality and performance. Natural products need definition.

The products gathered from our friends as well as our own reflect our expertise in active skincare, body care and aromatherapy. We have relaunched the concept of Beauty Soap and we highlight bathing with salts and skin kind shower and hair products. Natures Children is in store as well as Aroma Sport and our range of Pure Indulgence candles and Monoi. But the main feature is the Fragrance Bar where you can sit and enjoy trialling the fragrances and indulge in the mystery of Glastonbury’s heritage.

Altogether it’s a different place. Many of our friends comment ‘It’s not what we expected’ and the reason is because it is modern, clean, bright, happy and the smart staff informative and helpful so of course it’s what you should have expected! It’s more than a shop it’s a place to be.

Fragrant Earth has always been at the cutting edge and the new store products reflect this with natural products to suit different tastes and to meet the needs of local consumers, the many tourists, visitors, pilgrims and serious aroma and beauty therapists. It is a portal to an interesting and beneficial world. Good news – people say the prices are just right and for different pockets!

The new updated web shop is on the way. But if you are in the area “Come on In – It’s Worth It”!


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