AY by Krayna a beautiful Vegan brand.

Simple, Vegan Effective

No more expensive layering! One product does it all. Just match your skin type. The Best of Natural. A wonfderful simple effective brand AY was  lovingly created and made by Magda i Damian Rosly in the depth of the countryside from their farm. She says "At KRAYNA, we create vegan cosmetics. We are a family brand and we're offering an honest, classic, effective high end product, based only on plant-derived ingredients. It is meant to reflect what we truly think about skincare and life in general. The aim was to create a series which is 100% vegan, organic and produced locally, in a world familiar to us.

AY from Krayna comes from our green land, without major urban areas and industrial pollution, situated on the border of the Kuyavia-Pomeraniana region. Countless hills dotted with lakes, water plants, and herbs offer a habitat for wild birds, with our forests full of animals, fragrant with blackberries. We decided at Krayna to use this untainted potential to create plant-derived cosmetics based on the plants which grow right here. It turned out that all the best things were within  own our arm's reach."

What a lovely sentiment reflected in the AY range, so we at Fragrant Earth recommends these most ethical, ultra natural, skin caring emulsions with beautiful textures and subtle natural fragrance, elegantly presented for the discerning nature loving consumer who appreciates a touch of luxury and thoughtfulness.

The name „AY” is an exclamation of joy. It is a manifesto of a summer land locked in a bottle.

AY products come in a slender glass bottle with a sterile dispenser pump to ensure the safety of the wholesome ingredients and convenience of everyday use.

AY products certified with the VEGAN ecological mark, awarded by the Vegan Society - and the V mark by Viva! - Vegetarians International Voice For Animals.

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