Miles Loose Leaf Speciality Teas
  • Miles Loose Leaf Speciality Teas

Miles Loose Leaf Speciality Teas

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Miles teas locally blended near to us  are a favourite of Fragrant Earth for their aromatic healthy and superior tea tastes. Try something different!

Specialties include :-

Lapsang Souchong a type of smoked tea first made in the Wuyi Mountains, the home of black tea. It has a uniquely rich and complex taste.

Assam named after the region in which it is grown, this full-bodied black tea is as rich in colour as it is in flavour

Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea produces a pale orange colour once it is made. the name, Orange Pekoe, is not a reference to an orange flavour but to the leaf size. This is a grading of a large leafed Ceylon tea. Considered one of the best tasting teas, Ceylon has a distinct flavour, aroma and strength.

Chai contains a delicious blend of warming tea and spices including cardamom, ginger and cinnamon that will wake you up and leave you feeling satisfied, warmed and comforted.

Darjeeling is often described as the ‘Champagne of teas’, Darjeeling is lighter than most black teas, with a distinctive fruity, muscatel character.

Ceylon with its crisp aroma and pale, orange colour, this blend is best enjoyed with milk or a slice of lemon. Ceylon has a brisk, tiger balm flavour and is full of character.

Keemun  China Keemun teas, selected to give a fine blend and delicately flavoured cup. Pale amber in colour, this is a light and calming tea with malty and smoky flavours.

Kenya bright, bold and clean, this is a great blend for those who love a full-bodied tea from mineral rich soils of Kenya.

Russian Caravan has a delicate and smoky, this is a truly evocative tea with a rustic flavour and warmth. Brought to Europe by camel train from Asia in the 18th century is a blend of Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong teas

Chun Mee Brisk and invigorating, Chun Mee has a subtle sweetness. It is not as sweet as other green teas. It is well balanced with a clean taste that will cleanse the palate. An unusual but popular, classic green tea produced in China,

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