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Loving Nature! Loving the Fragrant Aromatic World! Caring for Face and Body, Health and Psyche. Sensism at its best! This is Fragrant Earth International.

World renowned for creating and promoting natural and organic products Fragrant Earth brings you everything from Essential Oils to High Tec Skincare. Blending worlds of aromatherapy with fragrance, skincare and healthcare, bodywork and baby care.

Enter into our exciting Marketplace for the best caring products nature can offer. Together with our partners we have created a unique and special panorama of natural products with real benefits!

Goods for Cyclists – yes really! And Rugby players! Children’s coughs and sneezes; Gardeners aches and pains; Teenage skin issues.  Anti-ageing creams, lotions, serums. Hair care and Spa treatments. Made with rich Argan and Olive oils, Shea butter, mineral salts, honey, seaweeds, essences and delicious Monoi’s. The best in Fragrant Candles and yes Beauty Soaps are back! Gift Soaps and Pure Indulgence not forgetting Somerset Lavender and so much more!

For over 35 years pioneering aromatherapeutic, herbal and naturopathic materials we know a thing or two about nature, organic and associated ethics such as vitalism, homoeopathy, naturopathy and esoteric traditions.

Enjoy shopping with us and caring for you and yours! 

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Ancient Egyptian Beauty

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Posted On September 20, 2016

Did you Know, the Ka, (the second body that survived death) was nourished with fragrance? The first thieves to break into tombs stole perfume, not gold! Or that Ancient Egyptians went to a perfume shop the way that we meet friends for a coffee? Nefertum, son of Ptah and Sekhmet, was the God of Perfume and Incense.


Nature Posted On September 20, 2016

Here at Fragrant Earth, we try to use Organic ingredients in our products as much as we can. This is because your skin is your largest organ, and you need to take care of it by avoiding the cocktail of nasty substances found in some skincare products.

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