Sensing the world of Perfume, Fragrance and Alchemy

Perfume is the food of the Gods.  The word perfume comes from the Latin per fumus meaning through the smoke.    Not only did the smell of perfumed incense carry prayers to the Gods but also allowed the shadows of the Gods and Goddesses to be glimpsed through the smoke. Today perfume is about projecting personality and exploring the sense of smell. Perfume is a joy, a pleasure to scent and to make you feel good about your self and please others. 

The Fey series of sophisticated yet evocative perfume master creations emulate the world of the fairies of Avalon with scents of blossom, flowers, trees and mosses. Each fairy personality that dwells here in Avalon lends their scented being to delight, entice, play and fill your senses magically empowering the wearer!

The Ladies of the Lakes series of fragrances are unique in the world of perfumery. They are a scented oracle.  These fine fragrances were created to evoke the times of ancient Celtic Britain..  Each is a tribute to the persona or spirit behind the romantic names derived from the stories of King Arthur, his Knights and their Ladies.    Each fragrant creation is a recall to the past and is personified in the pictures that can be seen in the delightful Fragrant Earth store in Glastonbury and on line.

Books and booklets describing both the Fey and and Ladies  of the Lake  are available explaining the power of fragrance and its uses in the past for ritual and personal use and also showing the different "Ladies" and "Fairies" which can affect our moods and relationships.

If you can travel to Glastonbury the ancient Avalon, come to our store and see the Wheel of the Year and find your place in it in the circle of the sun and moon.