Fragrant Earth Manual - By Jan Kusmirek
  • Fragrant Earth Manual

Fragrant Earth Manual

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The Fragrant Earth Manual by Jan Kusmirek . Do you want to know the truth about essential oils and how to buy the best for different applications? Then you need the Fragrant Earth Manual

Why are some bases expensive and others cheap?  Why do some vegetable oils go off and others don't?

Covering every product in our range and packed with mixing suggestions and blending ideas, it discusses important issues such as Preservatives and what is Natural? There is a glossary of cosmetic ingredient names and a list of the dominant chemical constituents for every essential oil on our list.

The Fragrant Earth Manual tells you all you want to know about our products.

The Fragrant Earth Manual  exposes myths and opens the door to the marvellous world of natural science.

A valuable book to have on your own shelf.

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