Kunzea Essential Oil (Kunzea ambigua)

Kunzea Essential Oil (Kunzea ambigua)

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Kunzea Essential Oil

Latin Name: Kunzea ambigua

Source: Australia

Part of plant: Flowering Plant

Grade: Pure & Natural

Chemical Componants: A-pinene,1,8 cineole, globulol, viridiflorol

Blends Well with: Angelica Root, Lemon, Rosalina

Kunzea is a tall, erect heath and woodland species which grows to 5 metres although usually smaller. It is characterised by small, soft, dark green, aromatic lanceolate leaves on long, arching thin branches. The flowers are small, white (rarely pink)and profuse, being 1.5cm in diameter and crowded along short lateral bracts.

Kunzea is used for the temporary relief of arthritis pain, symptoms of influenza, muscular aches and pains. It also helps to relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.

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