Terebinth Essential Oil (Pinus-pinaster)

Turpentine: Pinus pinaster Sol.

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Turpentine: Essential Oil

Latin Name: Pinus pinaster Sol.

Source: Portugal

Part of plant: Oleoresin

Grade: Pure & Natural

Aroma Character: Sweet, turpentine-like

Blends Well with: Benzoin, Cypress, Eucalyptus

 Turpentine Properties: Antiseptic, thins secretion of windpipe and bronchial tract, relieves coughs, antiseptic for respiratory and urinary tract; dissolves gallstones; against rheumatism, pain remedy for rheumatism; vermifuge.

Turpentine Indications: Chronic bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, infection of the urinary tract and the kidneys, bladder inflammation, urethra inflammation, gallstone difficulties, edema, pyelitis, rheumatic neuralgia, rheumatism, gout; intestinal parasites (tapeworm); for accidental intake of phosphorus (according to J. Valnet).

Turpentine Main Components: Alpha-beta-pinene, dipentine, d-limonene.

Turpentine Contraindications, side effects: Can be used in very weak doses internally, with the exception of aerosol treatment and inhalation. Can irritate when used externally  (possible skin allergies). Cannot be combined with any oxidants.

Probably most beneficial to the muscular and skeletal system due to its rubefacient and analgesic action. Turpentine  could be helpful with rheumatic pain, gout, neuralgia, sciatica and muscular aches in general. Turpentine is a valuable antiseptic of the urinary tract, easing cystitis, oligaria and urethritis.

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