Glastonbury 'O'

Glastonbury 'O'

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Glastonbury 'O'

A gift to take home when visiting or the scent that the medieval Glastonbury monks would have enjoyed!

Cologne water has been delighting and refreshing the fashionable and elite for over 300 years.  This tribute Cologne is a beautiful blend of the traditional notes of Lemon, Orange, Bergamot zests with Rosemary and the exquisite scent of Neroli.

Gentlemen and Ladies alike enjoy the refreshing and deodorising properties of this toilette water.  The French Emperor Napoleon and his Court were renowned for its liberal use in scenting the body, refreshing hands, face, hair and for leaving its scent on clothing, kerchief and scarf.  The use of this enjoyable fragrance tells a story of refinement, culture and an appreciation for the best in life.

Fragrant Earth created Glastonbury ‘O’ Cologne for you to enjoy its properties and to experience its refreshing and satisfying scents.  A creation of beauty and finesse.

Why 'O'? well its English for eau isn't it!

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