Perfume The Veil

The Veil

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The Veil - 50ml

Fresh, lively bergamot and sweet orange add a citrus sparkle to soothing top notes of lavender and chamomile. A beating floral heart with sweet, almost intoxicating notes of orange blossom, rose and violet. Underpinned by rich, warm base notes of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood.

 A combination that is soft, sweet, warm, intense –

exotic even, Oriental in nature.

Beauty not hidden, a suggestion, a hint, veiled in a gossamer haze, shimmering like the wings of a dragonfly.

Crown: Citrus,Lavender,Chamomile   Heart: Rose,Violet,Orange blossom   Root: Vetiver,Patchouli,Sandalwood

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