Natural Beeswax Hand-Rolled Candle
  • Beeswax Hand-Rolled Candle

Beeswax Hand-Rolled Candle

  • £4.75

Our 100 % natural beeswax rolled candle is attractive as a table decoration and is very pleasant to burn.  The appearance has a honeycomb pattern with a burn time of approximately 10 hours.
Height approximately 20cm
Diameter approximately 2.5cm
They are lovingly handcrafted here at Chain Bridge Honey Farm.  Being made of pure beeswax (and not paraffin wax which is derived from crude oil) means our candles burn cleanly and brightly with a delicate beeswax aroma. Their wicks are made from pure cotton. Enjoy!

Natural and renewable, beeswax has been used for centuries in the production of candles and for use in other traditional crafts. A beeswax candle burns cleanly and brightly, bringing a warm soft honey like fragrance into your home.

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