Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Essential Oil (Ormenis mixta) Maroc

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan, Ormenis mixta

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Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Ormenis mixta

Source: Moroccan

Part of plant: Flower

Grade: Organic

Aroma Character: Fresh-herbaceous with sweet, balsamic undertone.

Blends Well with: Cypress, Lavender, Vetiver

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Properties: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; general tonic; wound healing.

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Indications: Colitis and bladder inflammation caused by colibacteria, intestinal parasites, amoebic dysentery; slight liver insufficiency, stomach atony, depression; wounds.

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Main Components: Santolina-alcohol, alpha-terpineol, 1-8-cineole, camphor.

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan Contraindications, side effects: None known for normal dosage.

Chamomile,  Wild Moroccan is a handsome plant, which grows between 90 to 125 cms high with very hairy leaves and tubular yellow flowers, surrounded by white ligulets. It is one of the more recent oils to appear on the market, and as such it does not have a long history of usage.

Chamomile, Wild Moroccan essential oil is a pale yellow to brownish-yellow mobile liquid with a fresh-herbaceous top note and a sweet rich-balsamic undertone.

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