Cedar Essential Oil

Cedar: Cedrus atlantica Manet.

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Cedar:  Essential Oil

Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica Manet:

Source: USA

Part of plant: Wood

Aroma Character: soft, woody, typical of the wood

Blends Well with: Bergamot, Frankincense, Cypress

Cedar Properties: Antiseptic for respiratory and urinary tract, also for skin; supports wound-healing; strengthens; aphrodisiac.

Cedar Indications: Urethra inflammation, bladder inflammation; bronchitis; disorders of lymph system, sexual asthenia; ailments of scalp, skin diseases.

Cedar Main Components: Cedrol, 1-alpha-pinene, himachalene, cadinene, aliphatic aldehyde, atlantol, alpha-and beta- atlantone, formic acid.

Cedar Contraindications, side effects: Dosage must be precisely complied with for internal use by children and pregnant women.

Cedar, Virginian is a coniferous, slow growing, evergreen tree, which grows up to 35 metres high with a narrow, dense pyramidal crown, a reddish heartwood and brown cones.

Native North Americans used it for respiratory infections, especially those involving an excess of catarrh. Decoctions of leaves, barks, twigs and fruit were used on a variety of ailments, such as menstrual delay, rheumatism, arthritis, skin rashes, venereal warts, gonorrhoea, pyellitis and kidney infections.

It is an excellent insect repellent and can be used with Citronella for this purpose.

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