Finola Fragrance

Finola Fragrance

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My name is given to me for my milk white and fair shapely shoulder.

An exquiste perfume, an assertive, irresistible and daring fragrance for the modern sprite which combines dream, fantasy and reality. Finola calls for you to live your dreams. The Flora, lPowdery composition is born from a fusion of Green musky notes with Fig, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang,, and hint of Tarragon. Tuberose holds the base notes to leave a trail of luxurious cintentment.

The flowers of the garden seek to please and tease my senses unto the truth of the winds and faraway loves. Do you hear me whisper in your ear? Secret things that only you and I know. I hold the magic of glamour and allure, with sweet illusions of the mist and moss and trees that smile secrets in the wild wood places, where mushrooms come and piskies sit and wait, whilst I enchant your veiled desire.

The artist was inpired by this fragrance and wrote - Butterfly. Up into the cosmos she ascends, with glorious abandonment in her mind. Her winged companions leave earths known plane to transcend those of the above; spiralling and twistingin the bliss that enchants her. She is truly free and full of deep love for the perpetual pulse of the Universe. She contains a strength that knows no boundaries; a butterfly, freed from the net by its own determination.

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