Make Your Own DIY Skincare Gel Base

Gel Base

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The Gel Base was originally conceived as a water blanket to help burns in the medical world. It has amazing moisture retaining properties featuring an agent derived from naturally fermented mushrooms. The result is tremendous water holding capacity. Floral Waters can be added but so can oils to give the texture of a water gel but which looks like a cream. This is an incredibly versatile product in which essential oils disperse readily along with all manner of extracts such as herbal oils, teas, and vegetable oils. Contains other moisturising factors such as fruit derived sorbitol. The gel penetrates quickly and is ideal for all healing and medical applications.

The gel can be extended to whatever texture you want, from a thick gel to a sprayable slurry. It can also be added to other Fragrant Earth bases to make a whole variety of textures to make your creations individual and unique. Loved by many professionals to give that small brand unique selling point, and by amateurs for its versatile easy use.

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