Graine Fragrance

Graine Fragrance

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My name means the sun or sun goddess.

I have grace and love and bless the growing grain. A very definite woman's scent. Fullsome, fruity, almost juicy top notes, a rich, floral heart all held together by warm, sweet base notes with a nutty nuance. A basket of Floral, Edible, Aquatic, Orange Flower, Pear, Pineapple, Watermelon, Green Leaves, Lily, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Praline, Orange Blossom.

Come dance with me and sing my song beneath the moon and stars which tell us times and times and half a time in Silverlight until the morning dew begins to sparkle and Jack paints the ground with crystal lights and I fade till soft twilight comes and we awake again to pipe and drum

The artist that was inspired by this fragrance was moved to write -  'far away across the Eastern mountains we suddenkly come upon her. Sitting upon an ancient stone platform, she balances the very essence of love herself. The strength inside her holds parity with Gaia. Blessing both the sun and the moon, she contemplates and projects all notions of love. Her commitment holds a constancy akin to the flow of an everlasting river. She is a kaleidoscope of every dream and every peaceful thought'.

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