Rose Bath Salts 500ml

Rose Bath Salts 500ml

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Salt infused with rose oil and rose petals, gives a lavish royal bath. 
Rose - a queen among flowers, most beautiful and delicate. 
The smell of a rose is commonly associated with elegance and luxury.

Parfum A generic word which under EU law is required to identify any product which is used to supply fragrance or aroma to a cosmetic. Parfum can be natural or synthetic or a blend of essential oils. Sometime those products and manufacturers who want to seem ultra-natural dodge this word and try to list individual components, such as essential oils. However, if added for fragrance they should legally be called parfum. If added for aromatherapy or medicinal reasons then this comes under different legalisation, such as the medicines act.
Rosa canina flower The common dog rose of the hedgerow. Can be used to add rose petals or similar species for exfoliating and in scrubs.

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