Jan Kuśmirek  DN, DHMed  Consultant & Founder

A child of the 60’s Jan is the Founder of Fragrant Earth. His eclectic work experience has been in the growth of modern industries such as high vacuum engineering to radical new plastics technologies. Strangely underpinning this work was his National Diploma in Horticulture, eventually leading him and the Companies he worked for to accolades for Agricultural innovation. Becoming Marketing Manager for the Soil Association he created the Symbol Scheme for Organic skincare.

He formed the Fragrant Earth Company in 1978 as a challenge to the ethics and poor quality that abounds in this Natural Health & Beauty sector by providing aromatic materials and formulae  of true and exceptional quality. This led him to international repute and a consultant to many renowned firms such a Steiner Group and LVMH.

He is now semi-retired but still exerts influence at FE!  He is a prolific writer, has two pubished novels and working on a third plus a huge number of articles published over the years along with two non fiction books.  Currently he is working on a novel about Merlin and the Ladies of the Lake in support of our special range.