Food, Drink & Supplements

'You are what you eat' is a phrase most people know. We always add 'if you eat processed food and plastic that's what you end up like! or made from.'

Oddly whilst many people realise the benefit of an organic or quality food the idea of Smell and quality is hardly given a thought. Fragrant Earth is all about Aroma and it influence on our Wellbeing.Did you know most of the nuances of taste are smell? Yes, Fact! as connoisseurs of wine, teas and cheese well know.

So we decided to add some natural specialties that relate strongly to Welbeing, adventures in 'taste' and quality. Specialty teas for example, aromatic with benefits. Green teas, White teas, Black teas all have a value! What about Chocolate , Dark/ Organic/ Milk, what percentage of cocoa? What about Vegan? In the supermarket the varieties are so limited by price consciousness quality often flies away with taste - become an Aromatic Connoisseur and yes, hooray,  some chocolate is good for you even your heart!

Try some Birch Water, Gummies, Chocolate, Honey, Teas, Coffees along with other health enhancing products and supplements to support well being or make life feel good with benefits .