Magical Perfumes Inspired by the Lady of the Lake

Unique and personal fragrances to match and meet your personality from the magical realm of the Celtic twilight; the age of Arthur and the Matter of Britain. Fragrances intertwined and created with the beautiful paintings of the mysterious Ladies of the Lake, the ancient priestesses of the Celtic Goddess. The artists were inspired by the perfumers art and the result was a magical panoply of colour and scent to stir the emotions and to appeal to our hidden self or the face we show the world. 

A wonderful unique experience to find which Lady of the Lake moves us and feels within us. A scented experience that fills our senses so much it reaches the dimension of the soul.

To find which Lady archetype lies within you choose a picture and the scent will appeal to what you think you are. Choose the opposite from the Wheel of the Year and this reveals the scent you really t love that satisfies your inner being. Oft times you will be surprised that such matches your birth sign too. The magic of Avalon in Glastonbury! 

Or simply choose the name you feel fits you, or your loved ones if a gift. Be sure these are sophisticated, complex works of the finest perfumers art. Available in two strengths, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum (stronger).   

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