Aromatherpay Premium Supplies

Fragrant Earth and Aromatherapy go together like milk and honey.  The company has been serving the needs of therapists and connoisseurs of aromatherapy and related therapies since the 1980's. 

Around the world Fragrant Earth has led professional aromatherapy by its contribution in science, research and related commercial support.  There are many "firsts" in Fragrant Earth's history such as GLC fingerprinting, chemo-typing, species and sub-species identification, organic and wild crafting differentiation and many more.  All good reasons why when aromatherapy became more popular that truly holistic and professional therapies supported and continue to support Fragrant Earth.

Fragrant Earth has always been vitalistic in its approach to aromatic materials.  This means the vigour and life of the aroma becomes a defining factor.  Hence Fragrant Earth's essential oils and related products have become renowned around the world for their excellence and dynamic fragrance.  Buy in confidence in the certain knowledge you are being served by the best.

Essential Oils and ancillary items such as; Vegetable Oils, Absolutes and Floral Waters are sold on a business to business basis.  We do not encourage retail consumers to purchase Essential Oils and related products without some basic knowledge.  

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