Body Care Oils

The basic natural skin careing solution to a vital healthy skin is oil yes even for oil prone skin! Showers and baths can be very drying. Air conditioning can make th environment drier than the Sahara - the skin shrinks.  By definition a detergent or soap which are in shampoos, shower and bath gels all remove natural oils and the skin can be left feeling tight and dry though clean.  Skin care oils abound with vitamins and nutrients that can be rubbed in to soften the skin and to relax it making it feel more natural and emollient.  These are the economic route to looking good and feeling good.  Each oil has a different proposition and touch, choose which suits you, like a light feel Apricot Oil through to an oil with more substance such as Sunflower Oil. Treatments for scar healing and stretch marks.

Great four star value!!!