Citrus Pack 5X5 mls
  • Citrus Pack 5X5 mls

Citrus Pack 5X5 mls

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This super sunny Citrus pack contains 5mls each of :

Grapefruit White,   has clean,  fresh, light sharp top notes with slightly sweet, citrus undertones. Psychologically, Grapefruit is refreshing and reviving, helping to alleviate stress, depression, nervous exhaustion and tension.

Bergamot: Antiseptic, bacterides: regenerative for hypothalamus: supports scars formation, stimulates appetite. Delightfully fresh, 'citrussy' aroma which is alomost universally liked.

Orange Sweet: Expressed from the zest of the orange fruit: the tree originated in china and today grown widely in hot climates. It was probably brought to Europe by the Crusaders: This oil is used in perfume and for food flavouring. It works well on emotions.

Grapefruit Red: Bright, fresh and sharp.The oil is expressed from the peel of the ripe fruits.Grapefruit is refreshing and reviving, helping to alleviate stress,depression, nervous exhaustion and tension.

Mandarin Green: This essential oil is available in three different 'colours' Green, Yellow and Red in this pack we have used Green. The natural chemistry and aroma of all three are different , due to the time at which the fruits is harvested. Green Mandarin essential oil is extremely popular within the perfumery industry and it is very uplifting, possibly the best citrus oil to help people to switch off and completly relax.

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