Laurel Essential Oil (Laurus nobilis)

Laurel: Laurus nobilis L.

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Laurel Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Laurus nobilis L.

Source: Europe

Grade: Organic 

Aroma Character: Fresh, sweet, spicy

Laurel Properties: Fights infection, bacteria, viruses, fungi; against colds, expectorant, relieves coughing, sudorific, anti-spasmodic, analgesic, against rheumatism, balances the sympathetic nervous system, against ulcers.

Laurel Indications: Tooth neuralgia, stomatitis, aphtha; influenza, viral hepatitis, viral nerve inflammation, malaria, mycocis; infections in the nose-throat-ear region; arthritis, polyarthritis, rhematic deformities, muscle contractions; vegetative dystonia, swelling of lymph gland; ulcers, acne, boils.

Laurel Main Components: 1-8 cineole, linalool, terpenyl acetate, gernaniol, alpha-pinene, sabinene, methyl ether-eugenol, alpha-phellandrene.

Laurel Contraindications, side effects: None known, except for people susceptible to skin allergies.

Historically, this plant was the symbol of victory to both the Greeks and the Romans, who considered it the herb of protection. This is reflected in the oil's ability to instil confidence and courage, as well as improve memory and insight.

Used in massage, Laurel essential oil has an action on the digestive system.

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