Lavendin Abrial Essential Oil (Lavandula burnati)

Lavendin Abrial Essential Oil (Lavandula burnati)

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Lavendin Abrial Essential Oil

Latin Name:  Lavandula burnati

Source: France

Part of plant: Flowering Tops

Grade: Organic

Chemical Componants: linalol, linalyl acetate, camphor, 1,8 cineole

Aroma Character: fresh, sweetly herbaceous

Blends Well with:  Cedarwood, Palmarosa, Thyme

Lavendin Abrial is one of the older clonal lavenders and one of the first to be standardised. It has nice blue flowers and usually grows with a higher camphor and lower ester (linalyl acetate) content than true lavender.

The essential oil has a fairly sweet aroma with a smoky note.

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