Lavendin Abrial Essential Oil (Lavandula burnati)

Lavendin Abrial: Lavandula hybrida Briquet

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Lavendin Abrial Essential Oil

Latin Name: Lavandula hybrida Briquet

Source: France

Part of plant: Flowering tops

Grade: Organic

Aroma Character: Fresh, sweetly herbaceous

Blends Well with: Cedarwood, Palmarosa, Thyme

Lavendin Abrial Properties: Against infections, bacteria, fungi and viruses; general tonic; against colds, relieves coughs, sedative; promotes wound healing and scar formation.

Lavendin Abrial Indications: Ailments of respiratory tract, bronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, influenza; enterocolitis; rheumatism; asthenia; mycosis, wounds, skin ailments.

Lavendin Abrial Main Components: Camphor, cineole, linaly, acetate.

Lavendin Abrial Contraindications, side effects: None Known for normal dosage.

Lavendin Abrial is one of the older clonal lavenders and one of the first to be standardised. It has nice blue flowers and usually grows with a higher camphor and lower ester (linalyl acetate) content than true lavender.

The essential oil has a fairly sweet aroma with a smoky note.

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