Mabh Fragrance

Mabh Fragrance

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My irish name simply means Intoxicating and I am also Fairy Queen of wolves.

The master of perfumery created Mabh with notes of Holly, Mist Green, Rose, precious Orris, Galbanum, White Musks, and Amber woods. A solar miracle garden of delights which encourages confidence and strength for the day yet as evening turns the scent of jasmine lingers. A floral ambery woody feminine  perfume that is beautifully natural in feel and scent with longlasting trails.

Soft and lazy waters warm with my body heat and let me rise like a shimmer whilst I comb my hair and call my friends from air and water to please and amuse my brief time. I rise to the sun each day and seek refreshment in healing waters as dusk falls as does the Lotus.

The Artist wrote these words of Mabh when painting and smelling her perfume - As if seen through a tropical portal, she stands poised; captivated entirely by the pure energy of the hummingbird in her midst.She personifies solace; isolated yet contentedly in the deep and enchanted depths of verdant foliage.

She contains an inner strength that she holds with great power through her svelte form. She holds the knowledge and ancient conversations between the dew and the mist and the timeless murmur of the Great Mother whose spirit runs through her being.