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  The favourite brand for the make up profession. Award winning. Great for sensitive skin. Something special in personal care!  The Make It & Co Range is really rather different; did you know you can wash in oil?  Obviously if you could it would be excellent for the skin.  And now you can but you wouldn't feel as though you had.  The Make It & Co products are the solution and all based in pure natural vegetable and nut oils providing great caring properties for hair and body.  Apply them like regular cleansers and shampoos and as soon as water touches them they turn to a lovely caring milk to caress the body and with natural fragrances to make you feel really good.

What about the other bits of us?  Like teeth and feet and your more sensitive bits!  Solutions all found in this all natural caring range using precious essential oils and other natural herbal active extracts.

Lavender Wash Oil for daily cleansing

For every day use for normal to dry or mature skin types.  The striking true fragrant notes of Lavender conceal a wealth of active properties from cleansing to toning.

Thyme Wash Oil for oil prone skins

Mother of Thyme should be used with those skins prone to spots, teenage problems or those with a Mediterranean skin type more prone to oil.  The sharp bittersweet natural fragrance immediately speaks of its anti bacterial actions.

Citrus Wash Oil for sensitive skin & intimate hygiene

For Intimate and Feminine hygiene you cannot beat the sweet combination of our Citrus, Lavender and Tea Tree blend.  A really soft approach to hygiene, using the goodness of Aromatic plants to really cleanse, without irritation and to deal with minor problems.

Honey & Jasmine Shower Oil - Spa care for skin

.Great for oil prone skin to balance it out and perfect for dry skin and those who work in dry air-conditioned surroundings to make you feel good.

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