After the Match

After the Match

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Thyme Wash Oil for oil prone skins - 200ml.

Mother of Thyme should be used with those skins prone to spots, teenage problems or those with a Mediterranean skin type more prone to oil.  The sharp bittersweet natural fragrance immediately speaks of its anti bacterial actions.

Wash with water in the normal way, and Wash Oil turns to a caring, soft and nourishing cleansing milk.   Rich in wash active natural substances which restore natural skin balance without harsh detergents or soaps.  Wash Oil leaves the skin soft, smooth, cleansed and in peak condition.

With the aroma and natural activity of pure essential oils.  Simple, effective and pure.

Thermal Cream - Soothe and Comfort Muscular Aches and Pains -  50ml.

Use by athletes and active people alike to soothe and calm painful areas due to cramps and overwork.

Great after gardening or as a warm down for sports people.  Gently rub on to the affected area and let the warming, comforting oils sink into the skin.

Use anywhere for any reason where local warmth will help relieve unpleasant pain and stiffness.

Dead Sea Salt Tooth Gel -The Aromatic Plant Based Tooth Gel - 50ml

The plant-based Tooth Gel that cleans teeth and promotes healthy gums the aromatic, natural way.  With healing herbs and essential oils.  Simple, effective and pure.

With Dead Sea Salt and Tea Tree.

No sweetners, sugars or fillers - suitable for diabetics.

Leaves teeth feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

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