Marjoram Spanish Essential Oil (Thymus mastichina)

Marjoram Spanish Essential Oil (Thymus mastichina)

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 Majoram, Spanish Essential Oil

Latin Name: Thymus mastichina

Source: Spain

Part of plant: Flowering Tops

Grade: Organic

Chemical Componants: 1,8 cineole, linalol, linalyl acetate, α-terpineol+terpenyl acetate, β-pinene, α-pinene

Aroma Character: clearing, fresh, spicy

Blends Well with:  Lavender, Bergamot

Marjoram Spanish is a perennial plant, growing up to 60cm high with a hairy stem, dark green, oval leaves and small reddish-purple flowers. The whole plant is strongly aromatic. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.

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