Muscle Manager Kit

Muscle Manager Kit

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Muscle Manager Kit

Style Aroma’s Muscle Manager Kit is a must have for all sports people, dancers and the active.

Muscle Sports and Dance  Spritz and Massage fuses the relaxing abilities of Pink and Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf, Yellow Birch and many more to provide you with an instant relief. 

Whenever you feel discomfort from muscular aches and pains, you can massage onto your feet soles, base of spine and any muscle area where aching occurs.

Cool Cooler Gel is as cool as its name.  Its alluring scent is derived from Thyme, Clove Leaf, Lavender to name a few and what you get is immediate cooling refreshment whenever you find yourself in a heated situation.  Roll onto temple, wrists and forehead to feel its invigorating powers.  Also, it’s discreet size fits just about anywhere and it’s very effective when feeling a heat wave coming your way.

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